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About Me:

Hello! I'm Dinesh a passionate Computer Learner and Curious Person. I love to help everyone specially  when then they are searching for help. I want to spend my whole life for helping others and learning Computers. This is not only my hobby or Profession It's my PASSION.

My full name is Dinesh Kumar Gurjar a professional Digital Trainer, Blogger & Teacher.

I am curiously passionate about learning something new so I can do better than my last records or achievements. I Think that “Nothing is Impossible in this World anyone can do anything in this if they work hard in a right direction with their concentrated focus for good purpose."

 then why not me?.  " Why not You?". 

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About Divine Computers:

Divine Computers is a Free Learning Platform for the students who have interest of learning Computer Skills such as Basic Computer Course, Advance Computer Skills (HTML,CSS, Java Script, Python, C++, Java, Programming and More), Digital Marketing and all basic and Intermediate computer related courses. We have special focus at beginners.

How it Start:

In 2010, I discovered the need for more private instructors in my hometown and I started "Divine Computers" so I can provide anyone Best Knowledge and Skill. Since then, I have worked with clients of all ages in order to help them discover their full potential while taking on an approach highlighting patience and self-encouragement.

Why? Divine Computers:

"Divine" is defined as to find out through insight, prophecy or intuition that all we have in ourselves  specially of learning something new that I prefer you without learning we are nothing.

Through my unique and personalized approach, my students are able to develop study habits and effective learning strategies that last. My greatest joy is watching students Succeed and unlock their own Potential. 

Contact us today to find out how We can help you achieve your academic and computer learning goals.

www.DivineComputers.org               Email: divinecomputers.info@yahoo.com

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